Zombicide: Green Horde: No Rest for the Wicked

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Is that an undead dragon? Don’t worry, we’ve come prepared.

The zombie plague is not limited to just humans and orcs. All manner of creatures are succumbing to the vile disease and launching an assault against the living. The rats that form into undead swarms are bad enough. Then there are the ghostly Spectral Walkers that can only be damaged by magic. But when there’s a zombie dragon to deal with, that’s a whole other category of terror! To combat that fearsome creature, the Survivors are gonna need a bigger crossbow.

The Zombicide: Green Horde No Rest for the Wicked expansion gives players several new horrors to face during their games of Black Plague. It contains a huge Necromantic Dragon, as well as Spectral Walkers, and swarms of zombie Ratz. Thankfully, there’s some new weaponry they can use in the form of the powerful Ballista. They might just have a fighting chance after all!


  •  1 Necromantic Dragon Miniature
  • 18 Spectral Walkers Miniatures
  • 15 Swarms of Ratz Miniatures
  • Ballista Miniature
  • 32 Zombie Cards
  • 14 Dragon Cards
  • Rules Leaflet


Age                        14+ years

No. Players            1 - 6

Time                      60 mins

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