Zombicide : Black Plague Game Night Kit


(Each Kit Supports 1 to 10 Players)

Game Night Kits provide a full evening’s gaming in one box. Each one is a self-contained event kit. They are filled with exclusive prizes and materials. There is enough prize support for two times the standard players for a game (the core games are required to use a Game Night kit), with some extras for the store and the person that runs the event. You will also earn points for running a Game Night event, letting you redeem them later for great products.

Living in a world overrun by zombies can do things to your mind. Not only do you have to keep aware when awake, but now zombies are invading your dreams… or more appropriately, nightmares. Zombicide: Black Plague Game Night Kit #1 brings you a full evening of fun in one kit. Inside you'll find the exclusive Bruce survivor, complete with miniature figure and dashboard, as well as custom Iron-colored dice. The kit comes with the Nightmares mini-campaign. This 3-mission campaign will test your survival skills. Make it to the end of each scenario or be sent all the way back to the beginning to relive the horror again and again. This kit is available only to stores that are members of the CMON Play program.

Contains a 3-part mini-campaign and exclusive Bruce figures with dashboards.


  • Welcome Letter
  • Game Night Poster
  • CMON Play Retailer Sticker
  • Rules Leaflets
  • 14 Bruce Miniatures
  • 14 Bruce Dashboards
  • 26 Custom Iron-Coloured Dice
  • 14 Base Counter Packs (containing 1 each of Purple, Grey, Red, Brown, Beige, and Green Base Counters)


Age                       14+

No. Players           1 - 10


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