Win It In One Minute

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What better way to liven up any party or night in than with this Minute to Win It game.

With an assortment of games to play from stacking cups to blowing ping pong balls around, you’ll be entertained for hours!

    • Assortment of games to play from stacking cups blindfolded to blowing a ping pong ball around a tape maze
    • Pick teams or 2 to 4 players and select a game card
    • Players take on the challenge on the card and see if they can win it in one minute
    • Players who complete their challenge within the minute keep the card and the team with the most cards wins the game
    • The game includes 70 challenge cards, 5 of which are left blank for families to create their own unique challenges
    Set Contents:
    • 10 red plastic cups
    • 10 white ping pong balls
    • 70 game cards (22 single player, 21 head to head, 22 team, 5 blanks)
    • Instructions


    Age                        3+

    No. Players           4 - 8

    Time                      60 mins

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