Western Legends: Blood Money (Kickstarter The Complete Saga Pledge)

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Blood Money is the final chapter in the Western Legends saga that we began with you in January 2018, more than 2 years ago. Since that time, many of you have continued to support and follow us on our path through the Wild West, calling for more adventures. This led to the release of Ante Up, which introduced many new elements to Western Legends when newcomers arrived in Buzzard Gulch via train, eager to create their own legends. The frontier may have been settled, but the desire to explore the world of Western Legends still burns in many a Legend's hearts.

Discover Western Legends: Blood Money, the most recent and the final addition to the saga you love and have helped us to bring to life! Saddle up for one more adventure before riding off into the sunset!

Western Legends: Blood Money not only expands on existing content and introduces new gameplay elements of its own, but it enhances the experience in ways that have been called for by many of its most enthusiastic fans!

Adventure loving players of Western Legends can finally have the added risk they've been looking for while the more competitive players will find new ways to win in the West! Introducing new characters, items, and features that you can mix and match you’ll be able to see the Wild West through new eyes.

Blood Money brings you five new game modes, available in a digital format (PDF). Choose your favorite variant based on which strategy you prefer, or simply switch it up based on your mood. The options for replayability are endless.

Howdy partners! Welcome to the Western Legends: Blood Money special game modes! These special game modes are a collection of Western Legends variants that are meant to cultivate specific gameplay experiences for players who want to try something different. At its core, Western Legends is a sandbox gaming experience, with a world of possible play styles, strategies, and opportunities to explore, but if you've ever wanted to play a game more focused on shootouts between players, or focused on stories, or maybe who can strikeout to be the richest in the West, then these game modes are for you!

Discover more about game modes here.


 Even with your amazing support before the launch of Blood Money, we didn’t unlock the last game mode « Who Runs Border Town ». However, we decided to add this game mode as a Social Stretch Goal to unlock during the campaign! 

All Stretch Goals unlocked go into the core product of Blood Money. They do not add to each other to make a small expansion, unlike past Western Legends campaigns.

To provide more extra awesome content for Blood Money, we set up unique social stretch goals.

These Social Stretch Goals unlock when new followers are added to any of our social media platforms combined. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram; it's up to you. Each follower on a social media page counts as +1 follower to reach the social stretch goals.

Note: This is The Complete Saga Pledge with all stretch goals. 

Inside the Box:

  • Western Legends: Base Game
  • Western Legends KS campaign expansions: Fistful of Extras & The Good, the Bad, and the Handsome
  • Ante Up & Wild Bunch of Extras expansion
  • Blood Money expansion
  • All unlocked Stretch Goals
  • The Backer Appreciation Pack


Age                        14+

No. Players           2 - 6

Time                      80+ mins 


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