VR2GO-X virtual reality goggles

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"Leap into the future of technology"

Get immersed in virtual reality on Iphone and Android. There are over 1,000 free apps to choose from.

Truly Immersive experience: 120 degree large field of view.

3D sound effects with built in strechable headphones provides high quality stereo sound, with soft memory foam for ultimate comfort on your ears.

Supports one key answering phone calls and volume controlling. Enjoy seamless movie watching, without taking your phone out for a call.

2 regulating knobs on both sides enable you to adjust focal distance for clearer images. Also has adjustible pupil distance for the best view. High resolution lenses ensure you of no worries of Myopia or Hyperopia.

These goggles have head control so there is no need for a remote control. 

Adjustable headband means no discomfort. Leather foam cushion so it is comfortable on your face.


  • High transmittance anti-blurry glass that's anti-radiation, non-discoloring, and has soft strong light.
  • Fits all faces perfectly! Built with rebound foam and soft leather for comfort and heat-removal. Flexible and adjustable headband for easy and comfortable fitting.
  • 4.7" - 6" smartphone screen size compatibility. Sliding front plate which allows you to use your phone's camera for augmented reality.
  • Specially designed to turn your iPhone or Android smartphone into a 3D Cinema with immersive 3D Game and video experience.
  • 90° super wide viewing angle. Designed to ensure maximum visual scene without anamorphic images. A spherical optical resin lense is built-in to adjust for super wide viewing angles.

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