Vita Mors

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Vitamors, a plagued kingdom, is filled with nothing but woes and desperation. The plague doctor, wearing a beak-like mask, tries to steal lives from the Grim Reapers, again and again, with great effort. Most of the time, his effort is all wasted under the Grim Reaper’s manipulation. However, those who come back to life still render hopes to the people of Vitamors.

VITA MORS is a card game featuring secret identity, partnerships, voting, and hand management. Everyone plays as a Grim Reaper, with the VITA-MORS coin in their hands, messes up with the plague doctor, and controls the destiny of the people in the kingdom Vitamors. Through voting and exercising privilege, players get to determine whether a character should live or die. At the end of the game, the one who makes the pattern of life and death the same as they wish, will eventually become the winner.

Game Flow

The player who has visited a doctor lately becomes the first host, takes the Round Token and the Plague Doctor Figure. The game is round based, and each round includes 3 phases: Plague Doctor’s Practice, Grim Reaper’s Judgment, and Final Sentence. The game proceeds for several rounds until someone completes his/her party’s mission and claims victory.


Age                        10+

No. Players           3 - 6

Time                      15 - 30 mins

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