CircuitMess Tools Pack


Everything you need to get into electronics

The perfect all-in-one bundle for all makers-to-be!

Getting into electronics can be tough. There are just so many different tools from different suppliers.
Google no more! We’ve found them all and we’ve prepared a cool little box for you that will leave you with only one question:
“What should I (dis)assemble next?”

What's inside:

  1. USB soldering iron (lightweight and portable, solder on the go!)
  2. Solder sucker
  3. Phillips Screwdriver
  4. USB power brick for powering your soldering iron
  5. Needle nose pliers
  6. Diagonal cutter pliers
  7. Metal soldering iron stand
  8. Some solder
  9. USB cable for the soldering iron

A snazzy soldering iron

Just connect it via USB and you’re ready to go within seconds! No need for a bulky soldering stations which need minutes to heat up.

This iron heats up in 15 seconds!

Has a capacitive sensor and turns off automatically if you don’t hold it for some time. Turns on automatically when you touch the soldering iron again.

Comes with a metal stand – don’t burn your mom’s table!

Needle nose pliers

Save your fingers by using needle nose pliers which will help you with inserting the connectors and tightening the bolts.

Phillips screwdriver

Tighten those screws with ease – you’ll get a Standard 2mm Phillips screwdriver

Solder sucker

Having this set definitely helps improve your soldering efficiency and saves you time!

Soldered something in the wrong way? Use the solder sucker to get rid of the unnecessary extra solder.

Fix your mistakes without having to use some alternate tools and risk damaging components.

Diagonal cutter pliers

Cut off pin headers, wires, small plastic components…

This thing can split in half pretty much everything you want (not your fingers!).

It also has a super grip on the handles so it doesn’t slip out at the wrong moment.

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