The Muddles: A Curious Creature-Making Kids Card Game

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Meet Pog. Half Pig, Half Frog! Pog is one of seven muddles to collect in this cheeky card game about combining two real animals to make a brand new one! The rarer the muddle - the more points you win.

You need travel games for kids on a plane? Card games for children or card games for families? Look no further yo! This is the animal-tastic simply moo-liscious game for you!

And with a story book inside no less! All about the fantastical story of WOW - The only Muddle in the world.

Jellycows and Bellyfishes? Pogs and Plugs? Meet The lovable whimsical, magical cuddle-able Muddles!


Age                        6+

No. Players           2 - 4

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