The Grizzled: At Your Orders!

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World War I goes on. A group of friends promised to make it through together and leave no one behind. Over the years, the trenches have become their homes. Every day is a struggle and now the group must deal with new missions on top of the daily struggle of trench life. However, the rumor of Armistice continues to give them hope. The question still remains: Can friendship be stronger than war?

In The Grizzled: At Your Orders! players return to the trenches of the fast-paced, fully-cooperative card game The Grizzled, tasking players with surviving until Armistice. In At Your Orders!, new Mission cards have been added to the game that dictate bonuses, penalties, Mission intensity, and specific resolution conditions. Players may also be asked to take part in a Final Assault or Last Stand. When this happens, win or lose, they are finishing their fight.

Les Poilus: Aux Ordres! is an expansion for The Grizzled that consists of three elements:

  • Rules for solitaire play.
  • New rules for playing with two players.
  • Mission cards that present players with new challenges that scale in difficulty based on their experience.

On this last topic, mission cards come in easy, normal and hard difficulty levels, and based on the experience of the players, you set up a deck of missions.

Each round, the mission leader draws two of these cards, then decides which one to attempt. These missions might affect the number of starting cards in a round or allow players not to lose a round due to a specific condition, such as night or rain.

The Grizzled: At Your Orders! It is a must have for fans of The Grizzled, adding new difficulty levels for novices and veterans alike, along with new modes of play. It also introduces new Duo and Solo modes with special rules and pieces designed for 1-2 players.


  • 2016 Golden Geek Best Board Game Expansion Nominee


  • 13 Easy missions cards
  • 13 Normal missions cards
  • 13 Hard missions cards
  • 1 Final Assault/Last Stand card
  • 1 "The Novice" card
  • 4 Support tiles
  • 6 Cutouts of our Grizzled
  • 1 Rulebook



Age                        10+ years

No. Players            1 - 5

Time                      30 - 45 mins


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