The Cikgu Life

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The Cikgu Life is a boardgame designed for all players to relive our schooling days from a brand new perspective!

In this game, we get the chance to put ourselves in the shoes of our teachers. The Cikgu Life game aims to capture the everyday life of a Malaysian cikgu in all its glory and struggles! It is best played with a hint of nostalgia.

As teachers, we wanted to capture our experience - of having to navigate through mountains of paperwork and nurturing students to be the best they can be, and provide a genuine glimpse into a typical Malaysian classroom to all everyone.

What’s the best part about The Cikgu Life?

Most of us have experienced being a student-- but as a cikgu, you get to catch your students cheating, stay up late to mark papers, have a glimpse into the Malaysian education system, as well as celebrate with a holiday when Malaysia wins sports!

How many friends can I play this with?

3 - 5 players is our best recommendation. We guarantee you'll find yourselves reminiscing about your teachers and younger school days. Furthermore, we dare you to invite a teacher to your game.

Where's the best place to play The Cikgu Life?

Once you have your set, all you need is a clean tabletop-- be it at home, your favourite mamak, workplace or even on a holiday, The Cikgu Life is set to be a great bonding activity with your loved ones.

Most importantly, how do I be the best cikgu?!

Well, you need to help your students do well in exams and be efficient in clearing all your paperwork and... our rule book will walk you right through it, don't worry.

What's in the Box:

5x player board, 40x student tokens, 7, school profile card, 30x event card, 1x English rulebook, 40x paper work, 60 action card.


Age                        14+

No. Players           2 - 5

Time                      40 + mins


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