Strawbees Creature Creator Deluxe Kit

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Invent creatures with 400 pieces, eyes, and feet.

Become an #Explorer of the animal kingdom and discover new species in the #Strawbees universe with the new #Creature Creator The Creature Creator kit brings a whole new dimension to your creations! It includes not only 400 building pieces (250 connectors, 100 construction straws and 50 new two-points-bendable construction straws) but also two pairs of feet (magnetic duck feet and sneakers) and a couple of eyes with a lot of different eyes stickers so that you can express moods and make your creations look cooler! Strawbees kits are all about creativity and experimenting; an open-ended approach that allows kids to create almost anything they can imagine.

To help them kickstart their constructions skills, the Creature Creator kit also includes a booklet with the basics tips & tricks for building with Strawbees and some cool creature for you to try. Then, it is time to take things further and go for something new! The Creature Creator kit is perfect for a couple of kids to enjoy creating and playing together while exploring the possibilities of Strawbees.

"The Creature Creator kit allows kids to learn about emotion by turning anything (even a simple cube) into an expressive character."

*The colours of the Strawbees and the straws might vary.

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