Squishable Starfish


Behold the humble Starfish, paragon of humility! Other stars might spend their time posing for their millions of social media followers! They might model luxury-branded outfits and eat ostentatious caviar! But the modest little Starfish sticks to non-designer water-wear, quietly waiting to delight a beachgoing fan! 

No, you won't find a Starfish dodging paparazzi or endorsing a fancy car brand. That's because Starfish are gentle, soft-spoken echinoderms that don't let star status get to their heads! Because they don't really have heads! So cuddle up with a Starfish! Tell it your secrets - you won't be seeing a tell-all memoir from one any time soon! 

15 squishy inches of huggable humility! All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only!


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