Smol Tok - Dun Tok Cok Booster Packs


Beyond the Propaganda & Stereotypes

In 2015, we released the smol tok basic deck to get people to have meaningful conversations. In 2016, we released a new expansion series called dun tok cok. It’s same same but different. It comes in 3 booster packs, contains 60 unique questions, offer Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans a way to start talking about life in Singapore in all its tropical glory!

Play dun tok cok with the smol tok basic deck!

Time to Break the Rules

Singaporeans are a pragmatic bunch. Adapt the rules to suit your needs. Experiment! Do what you need to make playing with meaning enjoyable. 

Facilitating Play

smol tok is designed to be self-facilitated. Anyone may play the role of facilitator to get conversations flowing openly and honestly. The play mechanic is simple:

  1. Pick a card and ask a question

  2. Everybody answers

  3. Ask follow-up questions

  4. Rinse and repeat





Age                        18+

No. Players           4 - 6 

Time                      1 - 3 hrs

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