Smol Tok - Breadcrumbs Booster Pack


Explore faith at different stages and seasons of life with the Breadcrumbs Booster Pack. Each pack comes with 72 cards that focus on your experience of faith in the world today. The core of breadcrumbs is non-denominational and accessible to anyone who’s open to sharing about Christianity, even those of different faiths. Get a deck today for your family and friends, ministry, community, or cell group.


Jesus rarely gave a straight answer. His modus operandi involved asking questions, lots of it. In the New Testament, he asks 183 questions, gives only 3 answers, and answers 307 questions with another question in return. 

Following in his footsteps, we created breadcrumbsto start conversations about faith and life. It can be enjoyed by anyone who's open to Christianity. Its core is non-denominational and can accommodate players at different stages and seasons of life. 

Here's a taste of what's in breadcrumbs. Try it at your next gathering by clicking on the description that best matches who's playing.



Age                        18+

No. Players           4 - 6 

Time                      1 - 3 hrs

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