Sleeve Kings Premium Mini European Card Sleeves (44x68mm) - 55 Pack / 100 Microns


These are the "european standard" for mini cards.  This is actually the MOST common mini-card size in the board game industry.  We recommend keeping an extra pack of these around as they are just so darn useful!  


Woops!  We set out to replicate the Fantasy Flight sleeves but we failed... Ours are actually noticeably clearer! Check the reviews section videos for more details but you can see the difference. Being obviously CLEARER is honestly "a bug not a feature" in this case.  Our factory doesn't know how to duplicate that cloudiness in FFG sleeves so you're stuck with clearer sleeves with us!

These fit literally hundreds of games including 7 Wonders Dual, Arkadia, Big Boss, Briefcase, Camel Up, Catacombs, Chinatown, Codenames, Cuba, Dungeon Lords, El Grande, Endeavor, Fresco, Goa, Islebound, Macao, Mysterium, Pillars of the Earth, St. Petersburg, Scoville, Shogun, Thebes, Ticket To Ride USA and Wings of War.  

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