Rush M.D.

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You are one of the doctors that were just hired for the brand-new, cutting-edge Medical Center. Alongside your colleagues, you have to cooperate well to admit, diagnose and treat various patients who need your help. Combine your strengths and treat efficiently the patients arriving at hospital, but be careful, because mistakes can be of the highest value in Rush MD!

Rush M.D. is an innovative, real-time, cooperative board game that simulates the challenging and high-pressure nature of medical professions. A worker placement mechanism, using hourglasses as workers allows, but also limits, players to perform a multitude of actions. Each player handles 1 Doctor hourglass running around the hospital, admitting patients, providing immediate medical care, performing different kinds of exams as well as surgeries. 

Labs and Diagnostic Imaging Department

Additionally, there are 4 more Nurse hourglasses, which can be used by all players. Nurses provide medicines to patients, supply all necessary drugs and equipment that you need to carry out all your exams and medical procedures. Any worker placed on an action space may not be used elsewhere before the sand within the hourglass runs out, making each decision important as time is limited.


Patient Admission and Outpatient Clinic


The game plays with 1-4 players and lasts for 4 rounds of 4 minutes each. That means you only have 16 minutes in total to treat various patients, overcome many difficulties and challenges and manage to cooperate efficiently with your teammates, combine your forces into helping as many of your patients. A highly thematic experience that is equally rewarding for gamers and families, filled with lots of fun, many challenges and sharp decision making!

In Rush M.D. pressure is high as human lives are upon your hands! Can you handle the Rush, doctors?!

The Operating Rooms

When a Nurse needs to transfuse blood during a Surgery, tweezers must be used, too!

 What's in the Box:

  • Boards (7)
    • 6 game board
    • 1 score board
  • Cards (220)
    • 36 Hospitalized Patients
    • 36 Regular Patients
    • 22 Research
    • 96 Diagnosis
    • 14 Epidemic
    • 16 Objectives (4 per player count)
  • Wooden tokens (174)
    • 10 Hearts
    • 10 Lungs
    • 10 Kindeys
    • 10 Bones
    • 12 Orange Pills
    • 12 Blue Pills
    • 12 White Pills
    • 24 Green IV Drug Discs
    • 24 Yellow IV Drug Discs
    • 40 Blood Discs
    • 7 Blood Exam Discs
    • 1 Medical Point Marker
    • 1 Reputation Marker
    • 1 Round Marker
  • Cardboard tokens (35)
    • 1 Blood Exam
    • 1 MRI Exam
    • 6 3D Beds
    • 15 IV Fluids
    • 12 Condition tiles
  • Other components (24)
    • 8 hourglasses in 5 colors
    • 4 Plastic Tweezers
    • 12 Plastic Syringes
  • Rules



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