Rubik's Cage

by Rubik's

The Rubik’s Cage is a fun and strategic game of Tac Toe for up to 4 players. While it may seem easy to get three identical colour Cubes in a row, the Cage twists and turns, re-shuffling all the colours and making this game a challenge for all.

The Rubik’s Cage is a block matching game of a real strategy and skill.

Pick Your Colour & Go

The Rubik’s Cage allows for up to four players to join in the strategic fun. Pick your colour and start stacking.

Twist It

Twist the Cage to ‘scramble’ up the order of the colours and make it more difficult for your opponent to get three blocks in a row.

Stack It To Win

The player who achieves the most rows of three is the winner! An intense and fast-paced game with a true Rubik’s twist.


Age                        8+

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