Robotics Coding Workshop with Mabot

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The LEGO-compatible Mabot robot building kit is an action-packed set of components that allow kids free-range of creativity. Equipped with two iOS/Android compatible apps that guide children through every step of the building process, the Mabot Robot Kit strikes the perfect balance of logical reasoning and entertainment.

What You'll Learn

  • Introduction to the Mabot
  • Discover all parts and functions of the Mabot! With 12 different unique building missions, learners can find the perfect experience for their learning journey
  • Discover how it is compatible with LEGO
  • Use the Mabot Go system to tinker with endless moving combinations and configurations
  • Learn to play with the Mabot in Free Operations
  • Code with the MabotIDE to develop your very own program

Who Should Take This Course

  • Ages 11 and under


  • An open mind and willingness to have fun!


Full Course           1 Session

Dates                    11 September 2019

Duration                3 hrs per session

Time                     14:00 - 17:00

Fee                       $95 / pax

Class Size            6/10 MAX

Venue                   Port Education Lab, APEX@ Henderson #07-25 


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