Rainbow Rage


Think you know all the colours of the rainbow?

Better think again!

Rainbows have a naughty side. They like to swap their colours around and it's your job to sort it out.

Race to grab the colours which have swapped places and build your own rainbow to victory. But watch out for traps which can wipe out your rainbow instantly! 

Spot the Colours

Flip over a Rainbow Card, where two colours will have swapped places. The first player(s) to grab the correct coloured stacks take a block and add it to their collection.

Perfect Rainbows

If a ‘Perfect Rainbow Card’ (where no colours have switched) the first player to yell “RAINBOW” gets a block of their choice. Yell “RAINBOW” at the wrong time and you’ll lose all your chips!

Collect the Colours

Keep flipping cards and grabbing stacks until a player has collected one of every block and built their perfect rainbow to victory!




Age                        8+

No. Players           2-8


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