Rabbit Ray

by Joytingle
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Rabbit Ray explains medical procedures through play!

It explains:

  1. Our body immune system and blood circulatory system in simple terms

  2. The importance of vaccination, booster doses and blood tests

  3. Step by step process for a realistic medical pretend play experience; to build familiarity and reduce anxiety towards medical procedures

  4. Recommended for Children Age 4 and Up

  5. For our first version, it covers 4 medical procedures in 1 Rabbit Ray set:

  • Vaccination
  • Blood Taking / Phlebotomy – Drip Technique and Scalp-Vein / Butterfly Needle
  • Blood Glucose Monitoring (one drop at a time)
  • Plug Setting / IV Cannulation
  • Intravenous Drip or Chemotherapy Demonstration


    Additional Information

    Weight: 718.5 g

    Dimensions: 111.14 x 72 x 200 mm


    Other Features

    A simple game to check children’s understanding of vaccination

    Bonus: Certificate of Bravery for children

    Latex and Magnet FreeCompliance with clinical infection control measures

    CE EN71 Certified


    Each set consists of

    1x Rabbit Ray Doll + Instrument Kit,

    1x Book (2 stories : Vaccination & Blood Draw )

    1x IV Bag,

    1x Ribbon (tourniquet)



    Dual-language: English-Mandarin

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