Quoridor Junior

by Gigamic

A modern classic of abstract strategy with millions of players around the globe, now in a simple kid-friendly version!

Quoridor Junior has been challenging players everywhere for over 20 years with its attractive display and confounding tactics. A terrific addition to your home or office, Quoridor Junior can be taught and played in just a few minutes.

Can you reach your treats first?

The goal is simple: reach the other side of the board and claim your treat! On your turn, either move your pawn or place a bush to slow your opponents. The trick: you can't completely block your opponent from reaching their treat! Quoridor Junior is a game with very simple rules and a good introduction to simple strategy.

Simple Rules

Quoridor Junior features simple rules that enable you to start playing this game quickly, and you'll be able to teach your friends just as easily. Everyone can play Quoridor Junior!

Compact design

Everything is designed to play right inside the box, making clean up easy!

Cute wooden pieces on a durable plastic board.

Games are great for your mental development!

Quoridor Junior is a great activity to stimulate your brain and has excellent educational quality as a foundational abstract game.



Age                        4+

No. Players           2 / 4

Time                      10 mins


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