Project: ELITE – R.O.O.K Team

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After punishing infantry losses from the initial Janusian invasion, the ELITE Command began assembling a team of worldwide survivors to create the perfect counter-offensive. The Rapid Offense & Operations Kommandos – ROOKs – would not only bring the fight to the Proxies, but do so in brand new prototype mobile tank suits. These powerful mechanically-enhanced suits of armor combine native and alien technologies to deadly effect, making each ROOK soldier worth ten common infantry on the battlefield… as long as all the pieces work properly, of course. ROOKs are hardened veteran soldiers wrapped in groundbreaking Terran tech and salvaged alien gear - bringing war to the Proxies until victory or death!


  • 6 ROOK figures
  • 6 Hero dashboards
  • 6 custom Marble ROOK dice
  • 12 Enraged Swarm Spawn cards
  • 1 Rules reference 


Age                        8+

No. Players           1 - 6

Time                      60 mins

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