On the Origin of Species

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On The Origin of Species is a strategic board game about the journey of Charles Darwin through the Galapagos Islands.

On the Origin of Species is a 2-4 player strategy board game in which each player will step into the adventure of young Charles Darwin on the HMS Beagle’s expedition through the Galapagos Islands, examining the local species and uncovering their natural history.  Trace connections between the flora and fauna you discover as the Beagle journeys through the islands. Find help from the ship’s crew and uses for the tools in your luggage.  Excel in your research and lead the way among your naturalist colleagues. 

On the Origin of the Species is a tile laying game that’s simple to learn but driven by deep decisions. Players will take the role of scientist naturalists on the HMS Beagleas it journeys through the Galapagos Islands. On each player’s turn, they may either research the surrounding species in their habitats or discover the natural history of a new species.

To Research: a player will place two of their observation cubes on different species found among the islands. These observations contribute to their understanding of how the species relate to their habitats.

To Discover: a player must spend observation cubes in play to place a new species tile on an adjacent spot on the board.  The previously observed species help the scientist understand the new one.  The discovering player will receive victory points and the community of scientists gain new research possibilities.

The players’ discoveries will also grant them cards that provide extra abilities or scoring opportunities, as they gain help from the crew of the Beagle or their array of naturalist tools on board.

Each newly discovered species causes the Beagle to leave one island for another. The Beagle’s progress will trigger scoring opportunities and, eventually, the end of the game.  


Age                        9+

No. Players           2 - 4

Time                      45 - 80 mins

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