OJOY A1 Kids Smart Watch

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Ojoy Smart Watch Phone Highlights

  • GPS Real Time Tracking & Child Locator
  • Phone under “parental control”
  • Fast and reliable 4G LTE Technology
  • Voice Calling( Two Way Communication) & Instant Messaging
  • Durable, Waterproof & Easy to Use
  • Built-in Camera
  • Fitness Activity

Two-way Voice Calling

The OJOY A1 works like a smartphone. Your child can call and receive calls on the watch. It only allows family members and friends to call your child since all the contacts on the watch must be added by the parent or primary guardian in the companion app. You can set profile pictures or avatars for each contact, so your child can easily identify the contact and make calls. And it will block all calls from other phone numbers not added in the address book.

Fast and reliable 4G LTE Technology

OJOY A1 supports GSM, 3G, and 4G LTE networks to ensure seamless, high-speed connectivity. Nowadays all new smartphones are 4G LTE enabled, with 4G LTE and 3G, the OJOY A1 allows your child to enjoy fast and reliable connections.

Location Tracking

It is a peace of mind to know where your child is at any time. Install 'Ojoy watch' App and bind with your child's watch. You will be able to track your child's location from your smartphone. The watch uses a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular location services to determine your child's approximate location. It also tracks your child's whereabouts throughout the day, whether she/he is at school or playing in the park. The App is available for download in the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store.

Fun Messaging

Kids can send the following type of messages from the watch to parents and friends

  • Voice messaging up to 60s a time

  • Pictures

  • Preset text messages

  • Emojis

Parents can receive messages with companion app, while friends with the same watch can also receive messages. The administrator who set up the watch has to add family members in the address book. Please note the watch will not receive SMS to prevent SPAM messages.

Step Counter

  • Kids can check steps, distance, calories on the watch
  • Check progress, ranking and exercise level
  • Parents can also check kids’ activity level on the companion app


IP68 waterproof, kids can wear watch even in the water park or at the beach.

Rinse hands or shower with Ojoy without any worries. OJOY – Smartwatch is durable and resistant against water splashes, sweat, cosmetics, dust, and more.

Safe and Non-hazardous

OJOY A1 tracks your child’s steps throughout the day, and ranking amongst other children. As you child walk and achieve active target each day, the Kido character inside will gradually upgrade to different levels.

Main Ojoy watch pack does not include screen protector.


Screen Protector Pack Includes:

  • 3 pcs of screen protector
  • Wet & Dry Swipes
  • Smartwatch is NOT included.


Technical Specs 

Chipset         Qualcomm 8909w

Memory        512MB RAM+4G ROM

Sensor          G-sensor

Battery          800mAh

OS                 Kido OS 

Camera         FRONT FACING 2MP

Screen           1.4 inch

Camera          Front facing 2MP


App                IOS & Android 

Battery          800mAh (48 Hrs)

Resolution    320*320

Wifi                Yes

Waterproof    IP 68

Feature          Call, Message, Camera, Add Friend, Alarm, Stopwatch, Task, Step Count, Weather, Magic box, Magic School

Size                48 mm[L]*40.5mm[W]*14.25mm[H]

Weight           51 Grams

Warranty       12-month limited warranty

                       Battery comes with 24-months limited warranty

                       Register your Warranty HERE

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