Noodle Knots

by Mattel
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In the game of Noodle Knots, a mischievous chef tries to get you all tangled up in knots! Players place “noodle” wristbands on both of their wrists and then connect them to the wrist bands of the other players to form a circle. One additional player acts as the chef and reads cards to direct one player at a time to touch a body part of another. If the noodled players can perform the actions without the wrist band noodles snapping apart, the round continues! But before long, the connecting noodles will break! When it’s your turn to be the chef, your goal is to break the noodles using the fewest body part cards! Get ready for plenty of laughter as you play this silly game of teamwork that gets you and your friends all tied up in knots!

Comes with 10 wrist bands, 20 action cards that feature body parts, and instructions.


Age                        6+

No. Players           3 - 6

Time                      15 - 30 mins

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