Ninja Catfoot and the Covert Action

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Move slowly, but quickly!?

On sale for a limited time at Game Market Live on 6/27 (Sat) and 6/28 (Sun)! It's time for a big ninja catfoot mission to recover the stolen scrolls! But look out for the guards. If you make any big movements, even just for a moment, you'll quickly be caught. You must cautiously, carefully, and quietly carry out the scrolls...! But don't take too long! Your rivals are also trying to complete this mission. It's a race to get most scrolls! You attach a smart phone to your arm in this new type of action game. The accelerometer will detect your movement.

What's in the Box:

  • 4 Silicon Holders and Wristbands
  • 21 Roll Chips
  • 12 Mission Chips
  • 1 Field String
  • Game Manual (Japanese/English)

Download the APP here:


Age                        7+

No. Players           1 - 4

Time                      20 mins

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