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Draw, modify, take notes, or even just a simple doodle.

Fun Learning Process

myFirst Sketch Pro is designed to give your child a creative, imaginative and fun learning process! Take notes, diagrams or even just a simple doodle, Sketch Pro can handle all!

Partial Erase

Our built-in pen comes with an eraser on the end of it. Press the partial erase button, simply turn the pen over to the rubber end, and softly erase. Then hit the return button to continue your work Its that simple!

Pen on Paper Writing Experience

The Sketch Pro features a clear finish on the screen. This makes drawings, notes and doodles clearer to see and gives the user a smoother writing or drawing experience.

Portable Sketch Pad for On-the-Go Works

The Sketch Pro is so portable that it is a must-have for your child, at home, school or even the park! We are giving a free anti friction leather case to go with it. Look stylish and keep your Sketch Pro safe, anytime, anywhere.

Environmentally Friendly and Safe

  • Our children are the future. Hence it is imperative that we create and maintain a world that is suitable for them to grow in.
  • myFirst is doing our part by creating a paper-alternative creativity for your child with the Sketch Pro.
  • Our Sketch Pro is non-radiative, made from eco-friendly materials and uses a high energy saving battery.



Large sketching area with 10” LCD screen
Zero delay writing experience
Reusable with one-key erase button
Erase your drawing partially with the pen eraser after pressed the partial erase button
Lock switch to prevent accidentally erase the full content
Low power consumption; Up to 1 year battery life or 50,000 erases (replaceable battery)
Environmental friendly; Save papers and trees
High Contrast Luminescent ink
Lightweight and portable

What’s in the box

  • myFirst Sketch Pro 10″ 
  • 1x Stylus with eraser 
  • 1x Additional ergonomic writing pen 
  • Free leather case 
  • CR2025 battery included 
  • User Manual

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