Mr. Jack Revised Edition

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Find and capture the notiorous Mr. Jack, or help him elude the police and continue his reign of crime! Mr. Jack Revised Edition is the same fast-paced, two-player deduction game designed by the masterful design team of Bruno Cathala and Ludovic Maublanc that you know and love, but now with all-new art and some small revisions to the board to increase balance and enjoyment! Jack is lurking somewhere in the gaslit streets of the Whitechapel district, impersonating one of the investigators charged to catch him. One player takes on the role of this criminal mastermind as he tries to stay out of the light and escape the police. The other takes on the role of a detective who must identify Jack among a cast of shifty characters. But the detective must act quickly. Darkness is coming, the gaslights are being put out, and night is on Jack's side.

  • One game board
  • Eight wooden character tokens
  • Eight character cards, eight alibi cards, and one witness card
  • Six lit gaslight tiles, two covered manhole tiles, and two police cordon tokens
  • One wooden turn-counter token
  • One rulebook


Age                        9+

No. Players           2

Time                      30 mins


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