Micro:bit Alienbot Intelligent Quadruped Robot

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Hiwonder Alienbot is a programmable robot powered by micro:bit. Its exciting and functional design inspires active learning and fosters creativity. Alienbot uses three-connector serial bus servo to facilitate the wiring and improve accuracy and precision. You can control the Alienbot by using the mobile phone app, PC programming software, and micro:bit. 

Note: micro:bit NOT included 


  • Control system of Alienbot: micro:bit + serial bus servo controller.

  • Alienbot is powered by micro:bit, support graphical programming.

  • Use three-port serial bus servo, facilitate the wiring, improve the accuracy and precision.

  • Plentiful sensors; Alienbot has equipped with more than ten electronic modules.

  • Compatible with LEGO bricks; more creations are waiting for you.

  • Support mobile phone APP control, micro:bit control, PC programming.



micro:bit + micro:bit expansion board+ bus servo controller

Servo Amount:

8 serial bus servos

Power Supply:

7.4V 2200mAh lithium battery + 18650 lithium battery

Product Weight:


Running Time:

last up to 120min

Package List:

  • 1* robot bracket set
  • 4* plastic pad
  • 8* LX-824 serial bus servo
  • 1* 7.4V 2200mAh lithium battery 
  • 1* bus servo controller
  • 1* battery charger
  • 1* PS2 wireless handle
  • 1* ultrasonic sensor
  • 1* 18650 lithium battery
  • 1* infrared sensor
  • 8* bus servo wire
  • 1* ultrasonic acrylic board
  • 1* anti-blocking servo
  • 1* USB wire
  • 3* 4PIN connecting wire
  • 1* connecting wire
  • 1* screwdriver

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