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Learning English has never been easier and more fun than by stamping the right letter onto the tablet! Magic Phonics belongs to Educo's range of Connected Learning, combining a physical product with a learning app on a tablet.

The Educo magic phonics interactive stamp set is part of the new connected learning collection which combines a physical product with a learning app on a tablet. The wooden blocks in the set work with the body’s static electricity, which makes them 100% electricity and battery-free. The sensors creating interaction with the tablet are made from flexible material, and thus they are safe to be used on a tablet screen.

Magic phonics offers learning activities to develop phonemic awareness, to enrich vocabulary, and to build the fundamentals of writing and reading in the English language. The 49 connected stamps included in the set combined with the free app guide children to learn letters, words and sounds at increasing difficulty levels with immediate audiovisual feedback. Magic phonics is suitable for early learning development of native speakers, as well as to learn English as a foreign language.

Magic phonics is based on the Early Years Foundation stage of the UK curriculum, with a particular emphasis on phases two & three.

Magic phonics has been developed in collaboration with Marbotic and consists of a combination of wooden stamps and an educational app for tablets. Working with the stamps requires neither a Wi-Fi – or Bluetooth – connection nor batteries. The free app is available for all IPads (except IPad 1) and many Android tablets (Samsung, Lenovo, Asus).

The required app for this set can be downloaded for free from the App Store and from Google Play. It can be found under “Magic Phonics.” The app contains 18 sequences to learn phonics step by step and 150 words to work with.

This material is suitable for children aged 4 years and up.

A free downloadable app
A dedicated app introduces grapheme/ phoneme correspondences leading to reading skills. For native and non-native children.

What is in the app?

This app contains:

  • 18 learning sequences to learn phonics step by step
  • 150 words to work with
  • Learning activities to develop phonemic awareness, enrich vocabulary, build the fundamentals of writing and reading


  • 49 wooden stamps
  • 1 wooden storage box with 2 layers

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