B. LucKeys™

by B. Toys

Go anywhere. Go anytime. Just don’t forget where you parked your make-believe car.

  • Four safe stainless steel keys.
  • Designed to be easy on grown-up ears, the push-button sounds are soft but recognizable while the stainless steel key shafts make a pleasant and familiar jingle.
  • You’ll still be able to tell the difference, but your baby probably won’t. These keys light up and make sound just like the ones in your pocket.
  • There’s one key for the sports car (or maybe it’s a spaceship), one for the gingerbread house, one for Teddie’s cottage, one for grandma’s house, and a B. Toys keyring card for access to a super-secret spot in the living room that no one else knows about.
  • All the keys featured the B. Toys classic color scheme and tasteful art designs on an easy-to-grasp plastic loop.
  • Chances are your baby doesn’t understand why you need those keys when you’re in the car, but we do. That’s we why we created LucKeys, to keep you going!


Age                        10 months - 3 years

Note                      3 AG13 (LR44) batteries included

Dimensions           5.25” high x 2.85” wide

Extra                     LucKeys Instructions included

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