Lord of the Chords

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The music theory card game musicians play when they're not playing music! Major geekiness! Diminished boredom! Augmented pun-damentals!


The game starts with a key signature card that indicates which notes can be played and what chords can be formed. 

Play notes from your hand to form chords!

You get to change the key signature when you form a chord. notes not in key will be discarded so be strategic about key changes!

If you form a chord, collect the key signature! first player to collect 3 key signature cards will be the lord of the chords!!!

But wait, there’s more-zart! chop up chords with chopin! sneakily steal action cards with debussy! skip others' turns by putting them under arrest with rest cards! ... and much, much more!

The musical-ness never ends!

Make major use of your ABRSM music theory knowledge! no minor detail will be spared! overtake other players by using time signature cards to draw or Play more notes! dominate others with your musical geekiness!

If that's not enough...every player also starts with a unique instrument that lets you solo based on specific conditions!

The player who practiced their instrument the most starts first.

So go practice!


Age                        9+

No. Players           2 - 4

Time                      30 - 45 mins

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