littleBits Synth Kit

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Both kids and professional musicians can explore the science of sound, make sweet beats and create instruments with this award-winning modular synthesizer. Co-designed with world-renowned electronic music maker KORG.


If you thought that littleBits couldn't get any better, here is proof that it can. Introducing the littleBits Synth Kit! The team at littleBits has partnered up with world renowned synth experts KORG, to create everything you need to build your own synthesiser. LittleBits makes it easy with their magnetic 'bit' modules that snap together create fantastic inventions for all ages.

This kit contains everything you need to dive into making music and learn about electronics with oscillators, filters, keyboards, and much more! Plus you can connect headphones and speakers directly up to it to show the world what you're capable of.

  • Perfect for kids, musicians, adults, DJs...everyone!
  • Step-by-step instructions for 10 different projects and musical creations.
  • Enjoy learning about sound and science in a fun, electronic format!

Join Reggie Watts to experience the littleBits Synth Kit:



  • Instant Musician: This powerful, yet easy-to-use modular synthesizer is perfect for kids exploring music and instruments, or professional musicians and DJs.
  • Level-Up Your Tunes: Join the ranks of celebrity DJs Mark Ronson and Reggie Watts who have used the Synth Kit in performances.
  • Join The Band: The littleBits community LOVES the Synth Kit, so you’ll find hundreds of their inventions (with instructions!) online to inspire you.
  • Learn As You Play: Discover how pop legends like MJ and Bjork used synth to amplify their music, and explore the science of sound as you create inventions.


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