LEGO Star Wars™ BOOST Droid Commander

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Your Brand-New Star Wars™ Adventure Starts Here

This is no ordinary Star Wars™ set – it’s a brand-new play adventure! Perfect for brave droid commanders of all ages. 1177 Pieces

Droids kids can build again and again

A customizable R2-D2™ that makes all the sounds fans know and love. A Gonk Power Droid with a saw that spins. A Mouse Droid that can shoot on command. Heaps of props and tools, exciting combinations and endless hours of play. These may be the droids you’re looking for.

Program the Droids with 40+ Exciting Build & Code Missions!

Boosting children’s problem-solving skills has never been this much fun. Coding, customizing and commanding the droids builds their curiosity, creativity and confidence as they build and rebuild props, plot courses and go on many build-and-code missions. And just about any kid can do it – a curious mind is all it takes!

Play and Replay at the Tap of an App

Download the free LEGO® BOOST Star Wars™ app for iOS, Android and Fire devices – that’s where kids receive all droid-building instructions. Done with building? Time for their first mission, it is! Now they can code their own droids, build tons of cool props, solve the missions and unlock more space adventures. Creative problem-solving starts with a tap.

The Droid Orchestra

We did it! We built a full orchestra of droids and coded them to play the Star Wars™ theme – on real instruments. Turn up the volume and enjoy this far-out symphony!

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