LEGO Education StoryTales

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“This engaging and easily managed set promotes creativity and the imaginative telling and retelling of stories. Themed around the Billy Goat Gruff fairytale, it uses 3 base plates that can be used with 5 double sided, story-starter backdrops. These elements can be used to tell a story from start to finish, to pick out key scenes or even for exciting free play in which children can invent and act out their own stories. This set has been designed to teach the principles of storytelling and to help withlanguage development. It can be used on many areas of the curriculum. The product is designed for a minimum of 4 children and comes with a range of inspirational activity ideas.

Key values
• Set specially designed for storytelling
• Includes 3 base plates and 5 double-sidedbackdrops, plus bricks
• Promotes socio-emotional developmentas children cooperate on telling and retelling each story


Piece count: 109”

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