LARQ Bottle Filtered (740ml)

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Take hydration into your own hands

Aging water infrastructures and mistrust of tap water are common reasons why people choose to purchase single-use bottled water. Today over 1 million single use water bottles are consumed every single minute. That’s over 20,000 bottles every single second.

A revolutionary portable water filtration system that combines a high-performance Nano Zero filter with a seamless, low-pressure drinking experience.

Nano Zero filter technology

Improves taste for a smooth finish and removes lead, heavy metals, chlorine, and particulates that meets NSF/ANSI 42 & 53 standards.

Seamless sips

Easy-to-drink low pressure straw. Let the bottle do the work for you.


Filters up to 40 gallons (151 liters) of water or 2 months of use - this equals to 300 single-use plastic bottles.

Nano Zero filter technology

Our filters have two layers – activated carbon and Nano Zero technology. An added layer of Nano Zero iron attracts and traps heavy metals.
The result?
Activated carbon continues to trap contaminants like chlorine and VOCs while Nano Zero grabs onto heavy metals for pure, great-tasting water.

PureVis™ cap compatible

Simply carry along a PureVis™ Cap with you on your next adventure to get the benefits of filtration and purification in one bottle.
Long-lasting filters

Easy to use

  1. Fill the bottle with cold or room temp tap water.
  2. Screw on the cap.
  3. Push down on the λ to flip open and start sipping.

One LARQ Filter replaces more than 450+ standard single-use bottles. Better for the planet and your wallet.

The LARQ App

Intelligent filter life tracking based on your household water consumption.
Track your water intake. Your hydration goal is our hydration goal.

Technical specifications

Volume - 22.5 oz
Material - BPA / BPS free polymer
Weight - 550gram
Technolog - Nano Zero Filter
Heigh - 11"
Diameter - 3"

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