Kuih Muih Card Game

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It's Tea O clock and it is your turn to enjoy delicious cute Kuih Muih. Imaging you standing infront of Makcik Kuih Stall to buy some Kuih, This game mechanism is created to mimic that exact same experience.

In "Kuih Muih" game, the winner is the one who scores the most points by having the highest value of Kuih card sets after 3 rounds of play.

Reinforce: Probability and Strategic thinking.

How to Play:

  1. Pick One of the menu to play. [Imagine that you are choosing which Kuih to buy in the makcik stall]
  2. Setup the cards based on the number of player playing. [Imaging these are the kuih brought back to your house dining table]
  3. Each turn, players will take turn to select one card. [Imaging this, you are fighting with your family member on the limited kuih available on the table to eat] Hint: you can try to reduce your opponents score by sabotaging them such as trading the hand with another player etc.
  4. The Round ends, when one of the decks ran out of cards, players then start counting the combination score that they managed to match. [Imaging this, your family asking you how many have you consume]
  5. Repeat again, until the 3rd round and a winner emerge!


Age                        7+

No. Players           2 - 6

Time                      20 mins

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