KlayKit® Mini - Kids Edition


KlayKit® Young Learning: Neuroscience-Based Curriculum

The KlayKit® Mini is a clay-based, versatile product designed to provide sensorial experience of its larger predecessor, the KlayKit®. This hands-on activity introduces you to the creative world of clay and Neuroeducation and what's more? You get to bring the KlayKit® Mini with you, anywhere!

Why KlayKit® Mini?

  • Clay has the highest tactile cognition factor
  • Enhances focus and attention
  • Promotes cohesiveness and engagement
  • Tangible, functional masterpiece as an extension of your experience

Put the KlayKit® Mini into action as a fun, creative activity, or simply create motivational product and keep it at home for continuous inspiration. 


    Age                        2+

    Material                High Grade Air Dry Clay / Lead & Toxin Free

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