KAWA: A Game About Flow

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Sunlight dapples over a gentle river…

It’s a warm, quiet Saturday afternoon.

The kettle’s on and something chill is playing on the radio. You sit down with your friends for a game - something relaxing, yet mindful. There’s a quiet intensity, an easy focus broken by off-hand jokes and small-talk. 

Someone brings the tea over and the scene is complete - sitting with friends, drinking tea and watching petals float down a river.


In Kawa, you guide petals down a river. Each round, players will follow the currents printed on the tiles to send their petals downstream, leaving petals behind as they do.

Players must carefully avoid flowing into other players' petals—when that occurs, those players gain points. This is made all the more challenging as when each player flows, they swap two adjacent river tiles, changing up the river's paths.

Simply following the river's currents is easy - but mastering the game will require players to learn to read its constantly changing flow.

A Beautiful River.

Every component in the box has been made to evoke the river’s beauty.

From the titular Kawa, to the petals that float down it, you’ll find yourself admiring the aesthetics of the game as much its gameplay.

Simple rules, deep interactions.

You’ll grasp the rules quickly, and as you master the game you’ll learn to read and predict the river’s flow.

And with close to no randomness, every game rewards your growing skill, not luck.

Hours of Replayability.

Each game features special river flora and fauna, each significantly changing up the game.

When you think you’ve mastered the basics, add in the advanced special tiles instead to further reshape the river’s rules.



  • 70x70mm linen-finish cardstock

    • 16 Basic River tiles

    • 18 Special tiles & references

    • 4 Starting tiles

    • 4 Score tracker tiles

    • 4 Water Wheel tiles

  • 25mm tokens

    • 28 Petal tokens

    • 8 Player tokens

    • 4 Nymph tokens

  • 35mm tokens

    • 1 Water Strider token

  • Set-up & rule sheets


Age                        12+

No. Players           2 - 4

Time                      30 - 60 mins

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