Juicy Fruits

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Juicy Fruits, designed by Christian Stöhr — co-designer of last year’s Spiel des Jahres winner Pictures, plays 1 to 4 players in about thirty minutes, ages eight and up.

You have a small island paradise, where you make a living growing delicious fruit. Fulfill orders from ships docked on your island and add Businesses to your island to gain the most points. Clever planning is essential, as fulfilling orders frees valuable space, but you don’t want to let your opponents get the pick of the businesses either!

With each play, Juicy Fruits poses new exciting puzzles of how to move your tokens most efficiently and how to balance clearing your island, claiming businesses, and finding the right time to thwart your opponents plans!

Juicy Fruits is perfect for casual players and advanced gamers alike due to its accessibility and quick playtime, while offering a lot of replayability and tactical depth. Moreover, the game includes an advanced mode featuring the Juice Factory and a sophisticated solo mode!


  • 4 Island Boards
  • 1 Business Board
  • 1 Score Board
  • 100 Wooden Fruits
  • 24 Business Tokens
  • 6 Large Venue Tokens
  • 20 Collector Tokens
  • 4 Postcards
  • 50 Ship Tokens
  • 13 Ice Cream Markers
  • 4 Milkshake Markers
  • 12 Player Discs
  • 1 License Marker
  • 2 Linen Bags
  • 1 Rulebook


Age                        8+

No. Players           1 - 4

Time                      30 mins

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