Imperial Assault Ally Pack

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Formidable Allies

Ally Packs bring the noble heroes of Star Wars to life with sculpted plastic figures, cinematic missions, and exciting cards. For example, the Han Solo Ally Pack includes a plastic figure representing the renowned smuggler Han Solo, allowing you to replace the token found in the Imperial Assault Core Set. This expansion also contains three missions that highlight Han Solo’s cunning wiles and underworld contacts.

In the Han Solo Ally Pack , you gain access to one side mission – Imperial Entanglements – that you can include in any campaign. In this side mission, Imperial boarding craft attack the Millennium Falcon , challenging you to fight to defend the ship even as you search for the codes to free yourself. If the heroes manage to escape from the Imperial boarders, you receive the Quickdraw Holster Reward card, included in this expansion. With this item, any hero will be able to shoot first against a would-be attacker.

This expansion also includes two missions for the I mperial Assault skirmish game, set in the depths of the Corellian underground. You’ll be able to battle a single opponent head-to-head as you root out local thugs or gamble for vast amounts of credits at an illicit Sabacc table. In addition to these missions, you’ll find six Command cards in the Han Solo Ally Pack for use in any skirmish mission. The Slippery Target card allows any Smuggler or Spy to slip away from a hostile figure, while by playing I Make My Own Luck on Han Solo, you can pull initiative away from your opponent at the start of a round.

The Han Solo Ally Pack is just one example of an Imperial Assault Ally Pack . Similarly, all other Ally Packs include new missions for your campaign and skirmishes, alongside plenty of new Command cards, Mission cards, and Reward cards.

This is not a standalone product. A copy of the Imperial Assault Core Set is required to play.

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