imagiCharm: Starter Kit & Lessons

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The imagiCharm is a smart accessory that you can program to look different every day by using the imagiLabs app. Learn to code and show your projects to the world: the imagiCharm can be worn on backpacks, bags, or as a keychain.
The imagiCharm has 64 lights that can turn into endless designs and animations!

You can customize your imagiCharm and learn coding with the imagiLabs app. The imagiLabs app is where programming meets creativity, friends, and tons of fun!

The imagiCharm smarter kit also includes 12 hours of learning content. 

Learn programming in Python: one of the most popular programming languages in the world. In-app interactive tutorials, quick feedback loops, and colorful results.

Create with code! The imagiLabs app is available on iOS and Android and allows users to program in Python on either their phones or tablet devices.

Upload and wear your designs! Upload your project to the imagiCharm through Bluetooth.

Share, inspire others, and get inspired by our community! Publish your designs in the imagiLabs community and try out projects created by others.

Develop your coding skills by customizing your imagiCharm every day!  Make it personal and express yourself.
Learning to code has never been this much fun!

The imagiCharm comes with: 

  • string and bead
  • USB charging cable 

Check out the sample lesson here! 


iOS and iPadOS
iOS and iPadOS devices must have OS version 13.0 or higher. In other words, you must have one of the following compatible devices:
    iPhone 6s+
    iPad Pro+
    iPad Air+
    iPad 5th generation+
    iPad mini 2+

You can find a full list of compatible iPhone and iPad devices here and read more about how to identify your iPhone or iPad model.

Phone or tablet with Android 9 or later. At the moment the Android app is missing the social features of the app. Please contact our team if you have any questions:

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