How Am I Weird - A Party Card Game for The Weird and Wonderful

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Do you like chicken dancing? Sleeping in a curtain? Licking your TV screen? Have you dated your dog? HOW AM I WEIRD is a simple, fun card game for weirdos of any age.

Gameplay is simple. Each player takes 1 blank Weirdo card and 8 Comeback cards. Turn over a Life card and choose the weirdest and funniest Comeback answer to win a round.

Life cards present a situation - sometimes awkward or embarrassing, sometimes annoying or familiar, and sometimes all of these at the same time. For example, ‘You are on an airplane and the woman sitting next to you is sick in her lap’.

Comeback cards present responses that are weird and wonderful. So you could …. ‘Fantasise about riding a horse with them’. Or ‘Light a fire using their socks’. Or even ‘Prepare a salad’

Weirdo cards are weapons of creativity. Each player takes one at the start of the game and keeps it throughout as if it’s their baby. Use weirdo cards for Freestyling, which means letting out the weirdness inside you. Let yourself go. Show how weird you really are. 

You can play your weirdo card at any time and as often as you want to. So there are lots of opportunities to be weird. Think up your own answer and let your friends quiver at your total brilliance. 

Ten Weirdo Cards each with its unique name:

  • The Onlookers
  • The Starving Ram
  • The Buddha of Borrowed Time
  • The Fisherman's Rotting Teeth
  • The Wild Man of Abergavenny
  • The Waddling Pigs of Shenzhen
  • The Turbo Turtles
  • The Golden Monkey of Sapporo
  • The Wheels of Fortune
  • The Lunch of the Gluten-intolerant Maiden 

At the end of the game, count up the cards you've won and consult the Weird League Table to find out your Official Weirdo Rating. The Weird League Table will tell you if you are Ruler of the World or if you need help. 

Being weird is powerful.

Being weird is what makes us human.

And above all, being weird is FUN!




Age                        14+

No. Players           2 - 10

Time                      10 - 60 mins

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