by Gigamic
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A semi-cooperative game where you sometimes have to cook and eat your friends

Hellapagos is a quick party game of survival. Gather scarce supplies to stay alive and build rafts, and be prepared to compete with your friends.

Struggle to stay alive

Escape the island before the hurricane arrives, or perish! Work together to stay alive, but when supplies are running low you may need to make some hard choices.

Escape the island

Hellapagos is filled with perils and survival is uncertain. A snake-infested forest, the hurricane blowing in, and your fellow castaways desperate to survive at any cost.

It’s a wacky adventure

In Hellapagos you could get shot, eaten and then brought back to life with a voodoo doll. Or perhaps you will bribe another player with your winning lottery ticket. You'll need to use every trick you can to survive.

Plays up to 12 players

A great game for parties and large groups, Hellapagos plays in a short time even with 12 players. Fans of social deduction games and backstabbing love Hellapagos.



Age                        8+

No. Players           3 - 12

Time                      20 mins


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