God Hates Charades

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God Hates Charades is a pop culture, acting, guessing, comedy game that is the weirdest, wildest, dirtiest, best time you've ever had with your friends. 

Draw two cards from the Actor card deck and two cards from the Scenario deck. Pick one Actor and one Scenario card to make a scene. You then have 60 seconds to act out the scene. You can use words, do voices, give clues. The only rule of God Hates Charades is that you can't say the words printed on the cards. 

God Hates Charades is an awesome party game that will have you and your friends acting like "God auditioning for the role of a dead body on Law And Order","Bill Cosby eating shrooms", or maybe "Jeff Goldblume complaining that MTV doesn't play music videos."

It's so simple, even you, can learn to play in 46 seconds.

The only rule for God Hates Charades: While acting you can talk, yell, dance, or pantomime fellatio all you want, but say any of the words printed on your cards and its no points for you.

The game comes with two decks of cards, the actor cards and the scenario cards.

The actor cards feature both fictional and real characters from pop culture.

While the scenario cards are absurd events, situations, or actions.

Pairing the two cards together makes a scene. As a player your job is to act out scenes and guess other players scenes.


Age                        18+

No. Players           3 - 14

Time                      30 mins

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