Gizmos (2nd Edition)

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Who will prove themselves as the greatest inventor at the Science Fair?

The Great Science Fair is drawing together the sharpest minds of our generation. However, only one can be crowned champion. They will have to prove they’re the best, by thinking on the fly and building their machines quickly and efficiently. Whose project will rise to the top?

In Gizmos, players look to create the most magnificent of machines, taking on the role of inventors at the Great Science Fair. By utilizing four different types of energy marbles, taken from the innovative 3D marble dispenser, they will purchase and construct new additions to their Gizmos. The best Gizmos will be able to chain-reaction off of new additions as they’re made, giving players multiple results from taking a single action. The player that builds the greatest machine and collects the most victory points is declared the winner.


  • 3D Marble Dispenser
  • 20 Award Tokens
  • Energy Storage Rings
  • First Player Token
  • Player Dashboards
  • Energy Storage Rings
  • 112 Square Size Cards
  • 52 Marbles in 4 Colors
  • Plastic Insert Tray
  • Rulebook
  • Box
  • Dispenser Assembly Guide
  • List of Effects


Age                        14+ years

No. Players            2 - 4

Time                      40 - 50 mins

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