GANKER Fighting Robot - APP Controlled FPV VR Toy

by GJS
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Having fun from Fighting Games

Face-to-face real fighting as well as immersive experience. Small-sized high-performance motion skeleton was used,numerical electronic judgement system distributed all over the body. Subvert operating experience of traditional toy robot.

Variety of weapons

Boxing gloves, pistol, sword, fight to be invincible throughout the world.

Sensor & Score System

Every piece of Ganker robot armor is equipped with a sensor to detect contact. When your robot is struck in specific critical areas one health point of "Blood" is deducted. If your “blood” level reaches zero, you lose the match.

Manipulate flexibly

The four-wheel chassis is composed of four omni-directional wheels and the metal skeleton that runs through the omni-directional wheels. The steering gear joint design realizes the real humanoid activities. Each attack and defense can be manipulated flexibly.

Joint Movement 

In each joint of the Ganker robot there is a servo motor, and it is these motors that bring your robot to life. They allow your robot to move naturally and respond precisely to your fighting commands.

Simple , Fast, Smooth

Ganker App gives you complete control of your robot. Simply connect your robot, launch the app, and go. Download GANKER APP, access Wi-Fi and manipulate, with a manipulate range of 65 meters.

Various Game Play

A variety of tricks

Ganker can realize a variety of tricks including robot combat, soccer, racing, obstacle avoidance and many others.

Modification by players

Dismountable robot housing, players can use 3D printing or other materials. Paint your own armor to create your won Ganker.

STEAM Education

Manual assembly

Each module of the robot is independent, and the assembly and dismantlement only needs a inherent way to connect or disconnect the module to realize customization of simple assembly.


Players can get more skills and tricks for Ganker through App Settings, which will increase entertainment and the interactivity of competitive robots in operation and use greatly.



Size: H200mm x W210mm x L210mm
Weight (Excluding Weapons):1520g
Angle:  9 joints, 160 degrees up and down angle
Full direction chassis control
Material:  Aluminium Alloy
PC + ABS Shell
Operating System: Linux + RTOS multiple operating system Battery:7.4V,1100mAh Lithium Battery
Control Method:  Application
Operation System: iOS / Android
LED:  LED lights in three parts (chest, eyes, back)

Protection Device:
Overcharge Protection
High Temperature Protection
Current Protection
Voltage Detection

Internal Sensors Electronic Sensor
Connection Wi-Fi
Adapter   800mA @ 7.4V


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