Dino Dump

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Quick, lose your cards or the poo is on you!

Dino Dump is a super-fun game for kids, based on the classic adult card game, S**thead. This time, Big Potato have cleaned up the name, added some cheeky dinosaurs and made it much easier to learn – plus, they’ve included a bunch of scratch-n-sniff dino-poo forfeit stickers, just to make things interesting. The aim of the game is to lose all your Dino Cards as fast as possible.

Get caught with any in your hand by the end of the game and you’ll have to wear a smelly sticker that smells a lot like a T-Rex poo… we assume.



  •  50 Cards
  • 30 Scratch-n-Sniff Stickers



Age                        6+

No. Players           2 - 4

Time                      10 mins


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