Detective: City of Angels – Cloak & Daggered

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In the first Single Case Pack expansion for Detective: City of Angels, you’ll solve a new case designed by Lara Wright (Kingdom Rush, Legend of Korra) and illustrated by Roland MacDonald (Undaunted: Normandy).

In this thrilling stand-alone case for Van Ryder Games’ award winning Detective: City of Angels, players must solve a diabolical mystery involving Russian spies and shadowy G-Men. Did Jack Sonin die of natural causes, or are there more nefarious agents behind his untimely demise?


  • 4 Detective Case Sheets
  • 1 Chisel Casebook
  • 5 Suspect Standees
  • 1 Tuckbox
  • 12 Case Cards
  • 10 Dossier Cards
  • 11 Response Cards
  • 16 Search Cards
  • 4 Request Dossier Cards
  • 4 Bribe G-Men Cards


Age                        14+

No. Players           1 - 5

Time                      30 - 150 mins

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