Blokus Game Deluxe Edition

by Mattel
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Blokus Game: The Award-winning Family Strategy Game Blokus looks refreshingly simple on the surface, and even young kids can understand the simple rules. Place as many tiles as you can on the board, and when you place them, you have to have it touching a corner of one of your other pieces already on the board (not any sides or edges, just the corners). You start from your own corner and build out. The player who places all their tiles first is the winner! If no one can place all their tiles, and all players are blocked, the game ends. Players count the number of squares on their remaining tiles, and whoever has the fewest left is the winner.

Keep the mind sharp and the excitement coming!

Not only does Blokus deliver fun, exciting gameplay -- it received a Mensa award for promoting healthy brain activity.

Ready, set, stake your claim!

Fit as many of your pieces on the game board as possible while strategically blocking your opponents.

One Rule, Endless Possibilities!

This fun family strategy game has only one rule: each piece you play must touch another of the same color at the corners.

Place all of your pieces on the board to defeat your opponents!

Don’t let the simple rules fool you -- Blokus board game is full of brain-teasing fun and fierce competition.


Blokus comes 84 game pieces (21 for each of four players, in four different colors), a gameboard, and rules/ instructions.


Age                        5+

No. Players           2 - 4

Time                      30 mins

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